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Event Tracking, User Segmenting, Dynamic Content, Marketing Funnels, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Popup Notifications, And Split Testing


No “Premium Add On” Gimmicks

Do you like simple pricing? Get our WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin for a lifetime-fixed monthly subscription. All future updates and features included.


Made With Native WordPress Features

Do you like user-friendly plugins? The Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin uses native WordPress editors, post types and taxonomies. No clunky build-ons.


Do Marketing Automation Your Way

Do you want 100% control of your Marketing Automation? Do it YOUR way with Vervenia’s flexible user segmenting, dynamic content, and much more.

WordPress Marketing Automation Features

Event Tracking

Track page visits, reads, skims, skips – inbound and outbound link clicks – file downloads – content snippet views – YouTube plays, progress – MP3 plays, pauses, mutes, progress – email opens, clicks, and much more. Easy Google Analytics Integration.

User Segmenting

Vervenia’s 3-Tiered segmenting auto-sorts WordPress users by audience, segment, and content/product interests. Send welcome email and SMS alerts for newly segmented users. Add/remove users to/from custom funnels or automations. 

Dynamic Content

Vervenia gives you the power to show your WordPress users dynamic content based on their audience, segment, content/product interests, and/or custom user data. Track content block views and show/hide content blocks in real-time based on live user actions.

Marketing Funnels

Use Vervenia’s custom marketing funnels to create and track an unlimited number of page visit and page path goals for your WordPress users. Send automatic welcome emails and SMS messages. Add/remove users to/from funnels based on live user actions.

Email Marketing

Vervenia integrates with your free Mailgun account to send personalized email alerts based on live user actions. Send multi-step email automations, or monthly or yearly email promotions. Send emails based on user audiences, segments, or content/product interests.

SMS Marketing

Vervenia integrates with your Free Twilio Account to send personalized SMS based on live user actions. Send in conjunction with email automations, or monthly/yearly promotions. Send SMS based on user audiences, segments, or interest group.

Popup Marketing

Create Personalized Popup Notifications and Display Based on Page, Page Category, a User’s Audience, Segment, Interest Group, Marketing Funnel or Automation Subscription. Split Test Popups and Track in Google Analytics.

Split Testing

Split test dynamic content snippets, email automation headlines and body content, email blasts and popup notifications. Customize how your split testing results show in google analytics so you can find the winning content and explode your results.

WordPress Marketing Automation Done Your Way

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin Free Trial

Do you want to manage ALL your marketing activities from inside your WordPress dashboard?

Do you want to track user events, segment and score your users (in REAL-TIME), show or hide personalized content (in REAL-TIME), build and track customized marketing funnels, send email/SMS automations, campaigns, and seasonal promotions, and much more?

Most importantly, do you want to login into your WordPress dashboard, and have all the Marketing Automation tools you need right at your fingertips? If so, you’re going to LOVE the Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress. 

My name is Seth Czerepak. I built the Vervenia Marketing Plugin for one reason. I wanted something like it for my own businesses and for serving my own clients. I just couldn’t find it. My first year in business, I wasted hundreds of hours tinkering with WordPress Marketing plugins (free and premium), subscription-based applications, and other marketing platforms. Finally, I decided to build my own WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin.

Start Your Risk-Free 30 Day Trial

Do you like simple, honest pricing? The Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite is not a boilerplate “freemium” where we charge you for endless premium add-ons. Instead, for a simple, lifetime-fixed monthly subscription, you lock in lifetime access to all future updates and features. Best of all, you can enjoy all these WordPress Marketing Automation Features without migrating ANY of your users or user data to external applications.  All you’ll need is a free account with Mailgun and with Twilio for handling the backend email and SMS sending. If you like this sound of this, we’ve made this decision easy for you. Just sign up for your RISK-FREE 30 Day trial right now. Try our WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin for 30 days. If you like it, you keep using it, and lock in monthly subscription price of 99 USD for LIFE.

The Vervenia Origin Story

WordPress Marketing Automation

On January 17th, 2009, Seth Czerepak, a 34-year-old business coach and personal-growth expert, left his six-figure job to start his own online business. After discovering WordPress, he quickly realized that the secret to running a profitable website was to have dependable and robust Marketing Automation technology. Only one problem…

No such application existed for WordPress. After nearly a year of searching, and disappointment with other applications, Seth rolled up his sleeves and started learning how to code. However, the task turned out to be more monumental than he thought. For the next decade, Seth worked with undying determination and made great personal and financial sacrifices to complete the Vervenia Marketing Automation Project. While building Vervenia, Seth continued earning money with his business coaching and ghostwriting services.

Eleven years later, the 44-year-old entrepreneur was preparing to release the first version of The Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress. The Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite is a WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin built on three principles: honesty, user-friendliness, and flexibility.

Our Commitment to Honesty


Honest Pricing

The Vervenia WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin is a monthly subscription of just 99 USD. Once you subscribe, your monthly price will NEVER change, even for future updates and features.

No “Add On” Gimmicks

Do you hate WordPress Plugins with sneaky freemiums, and endless add ons? Subscribe to The Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin and get lifetime access to all future updates and features.

Risk Free 30 Day Trial

Download The Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin today. Pay nothing. Use it for 30 days. If you love it, subscribe and lock in a lifetime price of 99 USD a month. If not, simply cancel and uninstall it.

Training and Support

We consider onging user support our most valuable PRODUCT. This means you get lifetime access to our frequently updated training videos, support tickets, and coaching groups.

Our Commitment to User-Friendliness


Efficiency First

Do you hate when developers overcomplicate their new versions? They change core settings and force you to completely relearn their interface. Our goal is to add new features without changing settings.

Scalability > Complexity

New features are great. But our FIRST priority is to make Vervenia’s CORE features more flexible, efficient and more user-friendly with EVERY update. This way you get more customization, without more hassles.

User-Informed Updates

You want the features you want. Not the features we think you want. This is why we plan our updates using your feedback. Our goal is to make Vervenia the LEADING Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress users.

Built to Empower YOU

Our goal is to make The Vervenia Marketing Automation Suite the most flexible, user-friendly WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin. This is why we create, and update every feature and training video with that vision in mind.

Our Commitment to Flexibility


Works Like WordPress

Do you hate WordPress plugins with complicated, hard-to-find settings, and clunky editors? This is why we built Vervenia’s WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin INTO WordPress. Not on top of it.

Flexible Event Tracking

Vervenia gives you global, and local event tracking with easy Google Analytics integration. Limitless flexibility for naming events, adding custom event values, and for triggering real-time user segmenting and email/sms alerts.

Deeper Content Personalization

Use Vervenia’s shortcodes and cross-device tracking to personalize your WordPress pages, posts, emails and SMS messages. Show or hide snippets based on user audience, segment and content/product interests.

Custom User Dimensions

Use Vervenia’s custom dimensions to track and score events based on user audience, segment, content/product interests, and much more. Or, create your own dimensions based on user input.

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Risk Free 30 Day Trial

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