WordPress Marketing Automation Features

Event Tracking, User Segmenting, Dynamic Content, Marketing Funnels, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Much More

Event Tracking

Track page visits, skips, skims, reads – outbound and inbound link clicks – file downloads – content snippet views – YouTube plays, progress – MP3 plays, pauses, mutes, progress – email opens, clicks, and much more. Easy Google Analytics Integration.

User Segmenting

Vervenia’s 3-Tiered segmenting auto-sorts your WordPress users by audience, marketing segment, and content/product interests. Send welcome email and SMS alerts for newly segmented users. Add/remove users to/from your custom funnels or automations. 

Dynamic Content

Vervenia gives you the power to show your WordPress users dynamic content blocks based on their audience, segment, content/product interests, and/or custom user data. Track content block views and show/hide content blocks in real-time based on live user actions.

Marketing Funnels

Use Vervenia’s custom marketing funnels to create and track an unlimited number of page visit and page path goals for your WordPress users. Send automatic welcome emails and SMS messages. Add/remove users to/from from funnels based on live user actions.

Email Marketing

Vervenia integrates with your free Mailgun account to send personalized email alerts based on live user actions. Send multi-step email automations, or monthly or yearly email promotions. Send emails based on user audiences, segments, or content/product interests.

SMS Marketing

Vervenia integrates with your free Plivo account to send personalized SMS alerts based on live user actions. Send in conjunction with email automations, or monthly and yearly email promotions. Send SMS based on user audiences, segments, or content/product interests.

The Way WordPress Marketing Automation Should Be

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin Free Trial

How would you like one WordPress dashboard for managing ALL your website marketing automation?

How would you like to track user events, score and segment your WordPress users (in REAL TIME), show or hide personalized content snippets (in REAL TIME), create and track limitless marketing funnels, send customized email/SMS automations, scheduled/seasonal email + SMS promotions, and much more?

Most importantly, how would you like to login into your WordPress dashboard, and have all your Marketing Automation tools in one convenient place? If you like the sound of this, you’ll LOVE the Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress. 

My name is Seth Czerepak. I spent ten years building this WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin for one reason. I needed a solid Marketing Automation tool for my WordPress sites AND for my own clients’ WordPress sites. In 2009, when I first started marketing online, I burned up countless hours on so-called WordPress Marketing plugins (free and premium), subscription-based marketing applications, and much more. In the end, I decided to build my own Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress.

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You want honest pricing, right? You won’t want an endless chain of sneaky “add on” gimmicks. That’s why The Vervenia Marketing Automation Plugin is available for a lifetime-fixed monthly subscription. Sign up today, and you’ll lock in access to all future updates and features at a price that never changes. Best of all, you’ll enjoy all our present and future WordPress Marketing Automation Features without having your data held hostage by external applications.  Just set up a free account with Mailgun and with Plivo for handling your backend email and SMS sending. If this sounds fair, getting started is simple. Just sign up for your RISK FREE 30 Day trial with the Vervenia Marketing Plugin today. Use this customizable WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin for the next 30 days. If you keep using it, you’ll lock in a lifetime-fixed price of just $49 a month.

Get Your Risk Free 30 Day Trial

Risk Free 30 Day Trial

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Fill in the form and create your account to start your FREE 30-day trial – 2 minutes.

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