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WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin

WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin

Vervenia’s WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin Features give you the full power and flexibility of conditional popup notification marketing, event tracking, split testing, and popup content personalization. Use Vervenia’s dynamic popup conditions to display your notifications in response to live user events, and/or based on WordPress content (page, post, category), user audience, marketing stage, interest group, funnel, or automation. Choose from multiple popup background styles, including colored, transparent, or image based.

WordPress Popup Notification Plugin Sizes

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The Vervenia WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin also gives you the power to trigger popup notifications based on real-time events including showing/hiding dynamic content, popup notification events, user segmenting (by audience or marketing phase), adding interest tags, or adding/removing your users to/from your custom marketing funnels and automations. 

Personalize and Split Test Your Popup Content

Use the Vervenia WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin to create custom merge tags for personalizing your popup content. You can also protect parts of your popup content based on your user’s audience, marketing stage, interest group, marketing funnel, or automation series. Vervenia’s split testing features let you test multiple versions of a popup notification so you can track user responses ( engagements, rejections, etc.) for each version. 

Popup Event Tracking, Scoring, and User Segmenting

Use Vervenia’s custom popup content wrappers to tell Vervenia which items (links, buttons, etc.) will close the popup (user rejection) and which will count as a successful popup engagement. Use the Vervenia WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin to score popup events add or remove your users to or from an audience, marketing segment, interest group, or automation in real-time based on whether they saw, rejected, or engaged with your popup. You can also use popup actions to trigger instant email, SMS and /or phone alerts to be sent to your user. 

Popup Event Tracking and Reporting

The Vervenia WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin gives you the power to track and score real-time popup events including views, rejections, and engagements. The Vervenia Plugin also integrates with Google analytics and gives you the power to track, view and analyze your popup events and split testing experiments right inside your WordPress admin area or Analytics dashboard. You can also generate custom popup event reports right inside WordPress. 

More Than a WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin

Vervenia is a WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin that combines WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin Features with user event tracking, user segmenting, dynamic content, multi-post/page marketing funnels, email marketing, SMS marketing, and split testing, all manageable from inside WordPress. No other Marketing Automation Software gives you ALL of these capabilities in one flexible and affordable WordPress Plugin. 

Create, Personalize, Track, and Split Test Inside WordPress

If you’re tired of juggling different applications for your popup notifications, your email marketing, and your SMS marketing, you’re going to love this plugin. Vervenia’s WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin Features give you all the tools to create, customize, track, and split test your popup notifications right inside your WordPress dashboard. Combine this with Vervenia’s event tracking, user segmenting, email marketing, SMS marketing and split testing features, and you’ve got everything you need to build a well-oiled marketing automation machine right inside WordPress. 

Manage Your Marketing from ONE Data Source

Third party popup notification apps are hard to fully integrate with your WordPress user database. This means less personalization and little or no room for user segmenting and customized targeting, and that means lower response rates. Marketing statistics on content personalization tell us that it is one of the most important factors in generating high-quality leads and converting them into sales.

This is why Vervenia uses the native database features of WordPress to give you ONE DATA SOURCE (your WordPress database) from which you can manage all your complex marketing automation tasks, from your user segments, to your marketing funnels, to your email SMS and popup notifications. 

WordPress Popup Notifications

No other WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin delivers all these goodies in one flexible package! Now you can instantly segment your website visitors by their buyer’s persona, marketing stage, interest tags, marketing funnel, and marketing automation series according to their actions on your WordPress website and serve them customized and personalized popup notifications based on their content preferences, browsing history, and buying habits.

Since Vervenia also uses your WordPress database for your website event tracking, email marketing, and SMS marketing features, you never have to worry about the confusion between how your users respond to your website content, emails, SMS, or popups. 

But, Don’t People Hate Marketing Popups?

Some marketers have complained that popup marketing “no longer works.” This is only half true. It depends on how well customized and personalized your popup notifications are for your website visitors. Modern consumers don’t just prefer a personalized experience online, they expect it. This is true for EVERY kind of marketing, including email, SMS, direct mail, or any method where consumers have come to expect a personalized experience. Marketers who create generic and impersonal content are becoming more frustrated with their user response rates, and this is why…

  • 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences.
  • 78% of U.S. Internet users said personally relevant content from brands increases their purchase intent.
  • 59% of shoppers say that personalization positively influences their online shopping decisions.
  • On average 71% of shoppers express some level of frustration when their shopping experience is impersonal.
  • 54% of executives committed to personalization report that they exceeded annual revenue targets.
  • 40% of executives say their personalization efforts have directly affected ecommerce sales and profits.
  • 31% of consumers say they wish their shopping experience was far more personalized than it currently is.
  • 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers specific and relevant to them.
  • 80% of frequent shoppers (self-classified) only shop with brands that personalize their experience.
  • 80% of customers are more likely to purchase products or services from brands that provide personalized experiences.
  • 79% of consumers are only likely to engage brand offers personalized to reflect their previous interactions with the brand.
  • 47% of consumers check Amazon if a specific brand doesn’t provide relevant product suggestions.

Thankfully, Vervenia’s WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin Features aren’t delivered by some clunky third-party application that can’t sync its user data up with your WordPress user and event records. We’ve created the ONLY WordPress Marketing Automation plugin that pulls all your content, user records, and event tracking data from ONE SOURCE. Now you can you create, manage, track, personalize, split test, and perfect your website content, emails, SMS messages, and popup notifications from right inside your WordPress dashboard. 

Your WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin, and Much More

Do you like the idea of managing all your WordPress Marketing Automation tasks from inside your WordPress admin dashboard? Then you’ll love this plugin. Vervenia’s WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin Features are one of many marketing automation capabilities, including…

Our founders were tired of juggling dozens of clunky applications, trying to create the right setup. That’s why we invested millions of dollars over several years to bring you the perfect combination of WordPress marketing automation tools. Now you’ll have all the convenience and flexibility of WordPress combined with Vervenia’s WordPress Popup Notifications Plugin Features, and so much more.

Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress

SOURCE: Instapage blog on Content personalization statistics.

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