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WordPress User Segmenting Plugin

Vervenia’s WordPress User Segmenting Plugin Features let you organize and tag your WordPress users according to their audience, marketing stage, interest groups, marketing funnel, and automation series. You can also create dynamic content blocks that are visible only to members of a certain audience, segment, interest group, funnel, or automation. 

The Vervenia WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin also allows you to segment users in real-time based on live event triggers including page/post events (visits, reads, skims, skips, exits), dynamic content views, link clicks, file downloads, email events (deliveries, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, complaints), form submissions, popup notification events (views, clicks, closes), video events (play, progress, finish), MP3 events (play, progress, finish), and product events (add to cart, remove from cart, review). 

More Than a WordPress User Segmenting Plugin

Vervenia is a WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin that combines WordPress User Segmenting Plugin Features with user event tracking, dynamic content, multi-post/page marketing funnels, email marketing, SMS marketing, popup notifications, and split testing, all manageable from inside WordPress. No other Marketing Automation Software gives you ALL of these capabilities in one flexible and affordable WordPress Plugin. 

Vervenia Takes You Beyond Your Buyer’s Persona

Smart user segmenting is the proven secret to attracting more high-quality leads, shortening your sales cycle, and pumping up your sales revenue. 

This is why Vervenia’s WordPress User Segmenting Plugin Features give you the power to organize visitors, leads, and customers by audience (aka “buyer persona”), marketing stage (aka “buyer’s journey” stage), interest group, marketing funnel, and marketing automation series. Here’s a glimpse of what even a basic user segmenting strategy will do for your business…

  • 24% of companies generate more leads using buyer personas.
  • 56% generate higher quality leads using buyer personas.
  • 36% created shorter sales cycles using buyer personas.
  • 93% exceeded lead and revenue goals using buyer personas.
WordPress User Segmenting Plugin

Clearly, smart marketers have learned that user segmenting is the secret to getting more high-quality leads, shortening sales cycles, and pumping up sales revenue. Meanwhile, average marketers waste gobs of time and money trying to market to every visitor, lead, and customer the same way. They post a lot of content, lead capture, and product promotions, but remain largely ineffective in building a sustainable marketing strategy. 

By taking you beyond buyer’s persona segmenting, Vervenia’s WordPress User Segmenting Plugin Features give you the power to customize your user content, calls to action, popup notifications, email and SMS messages, and automated phone messages to perfectly match the interests, reading preferences, and buying habits of your users.

Combine this with Vervenia’s event tracking, dynamic content, marketing funnels, email and SMS marketing, popup notifications, and split testing features and you have all the marketing automation tools to explode your user response rates, attract more high-quality leads, increase your sales, and grow your business.  

Better User Segmenting Means More Sales

Want to run a more economically resilient business? Build a marketing automation machine that attracts and converts a steady stream of high-quality leads, and you’re 90% there. 

Every smart marketer knows it takes more than website traffic to do this. You need better quality visitors, higher lead capture rates, a solid sales funnel, and a strategy for increasing all your marketing KPIs. Vervenia’s WordPress User Segmenting Plugin Features give you the power to segment your users in REAL-TIME based on how they interact with WordPress posts/pages, dynamic content blocks, links, file downloads, forms, videos, MP3s, emails, popup notifications, and much more. 

You can create unlimited user audiences, segments, interest groups, marketing funnels, and multi-step marketing automation series right inside your WordPress dashboard. Vervenia’s dynamic content, popup notifications, and split testing features then allow you to change what content your users see based on their audience, segment, interest group, marketing funnel, automation, WordPress role, or geographic location. You can also create custom email, SMS, and phone alerts to welcome users newly added to one of your Vervenia segments. 

You can use Vervenia’s event tracking features to filter user actions based on the user’s audience, marketing segment, interest group, marketing funnel, or automation series. Create multi-step marketing funnels to track your user’s progress in moving toward the next stage of your marketing automation strategy. Vervenia’s Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress combines all these user segmenting capabilities with user event tracking, customized content, popup notifications, email marketing, SMS marketing and split testing to give you ALL the tools for building an economically resilient business.

Your WordPress User Segmenting Plugin, and Much More

Don’t you wish you could handle all your WordPress Marketing Automation from inside your WordPress admin dashboard? Now you can. Vervenia’s WordPress User Segmenting Plugin Features are just one of many marketing automation capabilities, including…

Vervenia’s founders tried for years to find the right combination of WordPress marketing automation tools, but were never satisfied. That’s why we invested millions of dollars into creating The #1 Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress. Now, you can get all the convenience and flexibility of WordPress combined with Vervenia’s WordPress User Segmenting Plugin Features, and so much more. 

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin

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